Charity Work

Indigenous Children’s Nutrition

January 2014

Dr Shirley and the Food Coach Institute raise funds for

Indigenous children’s charity ‘Nutrition Plus’.

This NSW based charity goes into Indigenous children’s primary schools, educates the children about healthy eating and then plants kitchen gardens at the school. The children then help grow the food and also learn how to use the food in school lunches.

Obesity is a huge problem among the Indigenous population along with Diabetes and Heart disease.  Obesity is especially a problem for Indigenous children – 14% higher than in other school children populations.

Between 17 and 19th January 2014, Dr Shirley and her friends from Streetstrider Australia rode 150kms from Lismore, NSW to Surfers Paradise, QLD. They raised $4000 for the charity which went towards fencing off the school garden at Tingha State School against local foragers like kangaroos.



Click here to find out more about the charity Nutrition Plus.


Breast cancer awareness

Mothers Day Classic


MDC 2013











Dr Shirley and staff member Libby take part in the 2013 Mother’s Day Classic with her daughters.


Mothers Day classic 2014







Dr Shirley and Libby, a breast cancer survivor revive their efforts for the 2014 Mother’s Day Classic

Sydney Harbour Bridge   ‘Stride for Good’ May 2014

What’s up Doc?


 bridge 4

Dr Shirley raises awareness about breast cancer in her ride

across Sydney Harbour Bridge on her streetstrider.

 Why Bugs Bunny?


Well he eats a healthy diet, raw of course and his famous saying begs the question – What’s up Doc – Why are so many women getting breast cancer?’ says Shirley


‘Think Pink, Live Green’ 2014

Dr Shirley Mcilvenny and Libby Weston organisers of the Think Pink Live Green event (3)

Dr Shirley and Libby kick off their campaign to get breast cancer sufferers to think about healthy eating and green living.

Libby a recent breast cancer survivor and thriver teamed up with Shirley to develop a fantastic program. They’re both passionate about health through great nutrition.

Their first ‘Think Pink, Live Green’ workshop took place on 24th May 2014 at Robina Community Centre and featured such great speakers as Dr Valerie Cole, Jasmine Makings, naturopath Janet Schloss and of course Beth Whaanga from ‘Under the Red Dress’ Project.

The workshop was a great success and will be the start of a world-wide campaign to educate and empower breast cancer sufferers about healthy living.



Children of Addicted Parents

‘You can tell a lot about a community by how it treats its most disadvantaged groups, and children of addicted parents must be among the least empowered group in our society‘ says Dr Shirley.

Dr Shirley runs one of the largest drug addiction programs in Queensland. Drug addicts don’t get a lot of sympathy these days but some of them have had rotten childhoods themselves – coming from dysfunctional families or been kicked out by step-parents etc. Often they have mental health issues which make them easy prey for pushers and dealers.  Most of them get into heroin as teenagers or even children.

They often have problems raising their own children and need support from various groups and DOCS. Dr Shirley supports addicts in her program with access to supplements to help brain development in children of addicted parents – to give them the best opportunity to maximise their brain development and have a healthy childhood.


Check out Dr Shirley’s profile here

DR Shirley




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