Chicken – Health Food or Not?

Chicken is classified as one of the healthiest meals to add to your diet.

A rich source of protein, chicken is leaner and contributes too many vitamins and minerals. If you are buying conventionally raised chicken, you may be adding things to your diet that you don’t want.

Organically fed chickens have a diet of feed created from organic plan material.
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Fat v Sugar – which is the worst kind of TV?

Some of you may have seen the SBS program pitting sugar against fat and looking at the health and weight effects. With their study of one plus one, we couldn’t draw any serious conclusions. Their main thrust was that fat and sugar presented together is something we really love and will overeat to pile on the pounds. But I have problem with the way fat is presented.

People equate fat with dairy and meat, two foods which are not produced in a particularly healthy way these days. Instead of choosing a variety of healthy oils and fats such as olive oil, nut oils such as macadamia, avocado and coconut oil they chose adulterated highly processed foods. So what does that prove?
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