Chicken – Health Food or Not?

Chicken is classified as one of the healthiest meals to add to your diet.

A rich source of protein, chicken is leaner and contributes too many vitamins and minerals. If you are buying conventionally raised chicken, you may be adding things to your diet that you don’t want.

Organically fed chickens have a diet of feed created from organic plan material.

Research has shown that chicken from farms with organic feed may have higher levels of some nutrients that can be stripped away with plant material that is not organically grown.

Organic chicken is free of any antibiotics or other chemicals that may be introduced in conventional birds. Federal laws require that any chicken labelled organic receive no exposure to any antibiotics or other treatments.

Antibiotics in your poultry and the pesticides used to treat their feed can contribute to neurological problems and may even be encouraging some of the drug-resistant strains of bacteria that have developed.

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