Diabetes Nutrition Advisor

Get trained in the latest nutrition advice for Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes

Join Dr Shirley MD and her team in helping give Type 2 Diabetics dietary advice that works…

This training program is open to anyone with a nutrition or health qualification

In the program you will learn:

1) The scientific basis behind the new way to treat Type 2 Diabetes

2) The nutritional principles involved in managing Type 2 Diabetes

3) A preview into Dr Shirley’s Alive Program – a new online 6 week eating program for Diabetes

4) The opportunity to become an affiliate of the Alive Program and sign clients up to the program

Alive Program
The Alive Program takes patients through a 6 week program of healthy eating and exercise, based on the latest nutritional principles of controlled carbohydrate, metabolic flexibility i.e. training mitochondria to burn fat for energy rather than carbs and alkalinisation of tissues through eating the right foods. The online program offers patients a comprehensive ‘How-to’ with over 50 videos showing recipes, meal plans, exercise techniques and scientific references. Patients can access the program from anywhere, even while shopping to ensure they have all the ingredients for each simple meal.

This is the new way to treat Type 2, Gestational and Pre-Diabetes and free people from diabetes for good. With this training and program, patients will be beating a path to your door. Its no surprise Dr Michael Mosley has sold over 45 million copies of his book. The Alive Program aligns with what Michael Mosley started but takes the principles to a whole new level of understanding. People are ready for change and are looking for someone who can direct them to get success. You could be the person that patients are looking for, the one who develops a great relationship with the patient, guides them through the program and celebrates their success.

The Course

The Diabetes Nutrition Advisor Course consists of 9 webinars. These are supported with reading materials and references. A short written assessment completes the course. The training should take around 3 weeks but participants have up to 3 months to complete the course. Successful graduates are issued with a certificate and can sign patients up to the Alive Program. Student support can be accessed by email and telephone. All the hard work is done for you in one easy to complete course

So if you’re ready to take your nutrition training to the next level, then sign up below today


Dr Shirley Mcilvenny

Dr ShirleyMD