Diploma in Nutrition and Food Coaching

Diploma in Food Coaching

This course trains you to perform a nutritional assessment on a client or patient’s diet. Then develop a meal plan which they can follow to become more healthy or lose weight.You can also learn how to write meal plans for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free, dairy-free and weight loss clients. In the Diploma, we also cover nutritional treatments for basic chronic disease such as high blood pressure or Hypertension, high cholesterol, simple Type 2 Diabetes, inflammation and gut dysbiosis.
This course is about learning the most up-to-date information about healthy eating, not the old ways which clearly don’t work. Discover a whole new way of looking at food to fuel our bodies.


You must have completed the Foundation Program in Nutrition before enrolling in this course.

Diploma Course Content

The course consists of 12 units which build on the Foundation Certificate in 4 easy to follow modules.

Module 1
Basic nutrition skills
5. Assess Dietary Intake and write Meal Plans
6. Write meal plans for specific dietary requirements
7. Give nutrition advice for simple chronic diseases and gut health
Module 2
Weight loss
8. Weight management
9. Counsel clients about health
10. Coach clients to achieve health goals
Module 3
Advanced nutrition
11. Healthy diet advice for pregnancy and breastfeeding
12. Healthy diet advice for children
13. Raw food techniques for healthy eating
Module 4
Professional Behaviour
14. Communicate and work in health
15. How to run a group
16. Workplace health and safety as a food coach

Recognition of Prior Learning


If you have a health qualification, you may able to get credit for parts of this course depending on your qualifications.We are constantly seeking better health solutions. There’s never been a better time, to learn about healthy eating. The future of our world’s health depends on it.

Whether it’s to help your friends and family, your community or start up your own health business, you can start our online courses today. Just sign on below for our Foundation course and follow it up with the Diploma to give you the complete nutrition training you need…


Online courses

All our courses can be completed online. You logon to our student portal, download all the learning materials and watch the webinars. Then complete the assessments. In the Diploma, you will need to submit a video of you consulting with a client, friend or family member. All you need is a computer (laptop or tablet is fine), an email address and a phone. We can also use Skype for assessments. If you can use email and have some basic computer skills, then you will have no problem completing our course.

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We aIARC-Logo-star-06-smlre a member of the IARC and the IICT. These are internationally recognised bodies and assure that the quality of our courses is maintained. You can also gain insurance to practice through IICT. We pride ourselves on the quality of the teaching you will receive, and also the high standards we instill in our students. All graduates of our courses automatically receive a complimentary 1 year membership of the International Association of Health and Nutrition Coaches, our graduate association and international peak body for nutrition and health coaching.

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