International Program in Food Coaching


International Program in Food Coaching

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Instructed by: Dr Shirley McIlvenny

Course Description:
Please contact the Food Coach Institute for further information

The other aim of the program is to help you get your business up and running. We cover all the essentials about setting up your own business so that you can hit the ground running as soon as you complete.

Units Covered

Units Name Description
1 Develop Professional Expertise Learn how to maintain your knowledge and professionalism as a health practitioner. Develop research skills
2 Manage a Practice Develop your plan for a food coaching clinic. Manage policies and procedures, stock and personnel.
3 Provide nutritional guidance for children and parents Learn about normal child development and what feeding is required at all stage of development
4 Provide nutritional guidance for pregnancy and lactation Learn about normal pregnancy, the nutrients that are important at each stage and what dietary advice to give to clients
5 Provide nutritional guidance for a raw food diet Learn about the principles of raw food, including live enzymes, fermenting, sprouting and dehydrating
6 Plan small business finances Develop your financial plan as required by banks, lenders etc
7 Market the small business Learn how to market your business and develop a strategic marketing plan
8 Undertake small business planning Develop your own business plan – a must for anyone starting a new business
9 Lead personal and strategic transformation Develop a coaching plan for clients.

Bonus unit

Life Coaching

NLP strategies (this unit is not assessed) Continue to develop your coaching skills with new NLP techniques

What are the requirements for this course?

  • This course is open to International Foundation program graduates.

What will I receive with this course?

  • Units delivered every 3 weeks
    Each unit will be delivered by email every 3 weeks for 27 weeks. This allows for embedding of knowledge and practicing skills
  • Webinar with each unit
    Along with the unit guide, you will receive a link to the unit webinar
  • Live webinars with Dr Shirley
    During the course, there will be a Q and A session with Dr Shirley to answer questions and discuss information about each unit. This will be run during the day and all students will have access to the recording.
  • Assessment guides
    Each assessment guide will be delivered 1 week after the unit. This allows time to think about the information and practice skills before attempting the assessment. We are delivering the Diploma over 27 weeks, so the opportunity to complete in quick time is there if you want, but equally there is plenty of time to complete in the 24 month time limit if that’s what you need.
  • Ongoing support
    Each student will receive ongoing support by email, telephone and Skype consults with Dr Shirley and her team.

What do I gain by taking this course?
The International Program in Food Coaching offers you more specialised and in-depth nutritional training like: Pregnancy, Children, Raw food diet as well as marketing and business skills so you can get your business booming.  You will up-skill in coaching too; this enables you to hit the road running when it comes to making a difference to the health of the world’s population.

Who is the target audience?

  • People who wish to offer a more in-depth, specialised service for clients
  • People who would like more business knowledge and training
  • People who wish to continue their training pathway into tertiary education

RPL means recognition of prior learning. This means if you already have qualifications or experience, we can award you the equivalent of certain units by RPL. There is an application process for RPL to be awarded once you have signed on for the course. During this process you will need to submit any relevant certificates or work experience documentation as well as a telephone interview.