Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Well, we’re into 2013 having survived the ’End of the World’ scenario of December 2012, and I for one am feeling optimistic about the future. Have you ever noticed how the news only ever contains bad news? Newspaper websites are full of depressing reports on world conflicts, starvation and horrifying accidents and deaths.

Well I recently came across a lot of good news and it made me feel very positive about what’s happening in our world. I’ve been reading a book called ‘Mad like Tesla’ written in 2011. Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was a famous scientist, inventor and engineer who predicted many of the developments we take for granted today. But at the time he was seen as a ‘mad scientist’ and was shunned by his peers.

This book is full of stories about entrepreneurial companies looking for ways to produce clean energy more efficiently. Many of them are taking a close look at nature and how efficiently she manages energy using design honed over millions of years of evolution. Of course, most of these companies have suffered skepticism and disdain over the years, as well-established companies and experts cling to old technologies which try to flatten nature rather than run alongside it.

Nature has come up with more efficient energy production which doesn’t pollute our atmosphere with heavy metals or use extreme heat and pressure- and these companies and enthusiasts are learning ways to harness nature’s energy and make it viable. Now with climate change, ‘the establishment’ are waking up to the problems and welcoming some of these new technologies. What a great piece of news! But do we ever hear about it- no!

It’s the same old story with many industries, including unfortunately Medicine.  People who want to use natural therapies to heal their bodies are seen as ‘crazies’ by the establishment, while they use ideas and therapies honed by thousands of years of observation and success particularly in eastern philosophies. We need people with open minds to start looking at the world around us, ready to use what nature has provided for us – good food and health giving nutrients– as a great start towards health. I’ve noticed a subtle change in thinking too. People in the health industry are starting to recognise that drugs are not the panacea we once thought- sure they have their good uses – but health starts from within – long before illness develops – with using good fuel nature designed for us millions of years ago.

So… one of my new year’s resolutions for 2013 is going to be to report every bit of good news I hear. Be prepared to hear more about new technologies, fascinating people and ground breaking health developments. There is lots to be hopeful about – we just need to find out more about the good things that are happening and pass it on. So I hope you have a great start to your new year and look forward to passing on more positive vibes as the year progresses.


(Not quite a mad scientist – but I’m working on it!)