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Are you a health practitioner who wants to add nutrition to your skill set?

health-nutrition1This qualification is

  • Allows you to get professional indemnity for giving nutrition advice
  • Adds skills and knowledge to complement what you’re already doing

What it’s not…

  • It’s not the food pyramid
  • Its not about low fat

Its about…

  • Healthy macronutrients – like good quality protein from both vegetarian and animal sources, healthy oils and the healthiest complex carbohydrates
  • Getting rid of processed and nutritionally barren food
  • Getting those luscious nutrients from healthy raw, organic and traditional foods that we know have great healing properties
  • We cover all types of diets clients want to try such as paleo, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy free
  • We specifically look at high cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes as the 3 commonest health problems and how a low inflammation diet can go a long way to fixing these problems without relying on medications

Did you know?

That 44 million people worldwide suffer from nutritional deficiencies, while 9 million have diabetes and another 12 million have heart disease.

Check out the world clock at to see how preventable disease is affecting most countries of the world

In Australia

1 in 3 adults are overweight and 1 in 5 are obese High body mass is now the largest single cause of disease Nutrition Courses Health Practitioners

84% of coronary heart disease is due to modifiable risk factors

In other words, by reducing blood pressure and inflammation, getting more exercise, reducing obesity and stopping smoking, more than ¾ of heart disease would be prevented.

That’s incredible, isn’t it? 69% of strokes have the same risk factors, so they too could be a thing of the past if we could only get people to eat healthy, stop smoking and take exercise.

A whopping 74% of Diabetes is due to high body mass and low exercise.

I could go on and on about how much our diet is killing us and making us ill, but I think you get the picture

Here’s the problem

weight-gainOur food is nutritionally barren. That means that a lot of the food we eat has far fewer nutrients than it used to have. As soon as any food is picked, harvested or culled, the nutrients start to deteriorate. The longer it sits on the shelves the less vitamins and minerals it contains. We show you how to educate clients about what foods to buy and where to source them. How to get the best nutritious and tasty food that keeps us healthy and is fun to eat – that’s what we’re about.

Weight gain. It might surprise you to know that Australians spend a whopping $750 million on weight loss products and surgery every year. That includes low calorie and fat-free food products. However many of these items have hidden artificial sweeteners and very little nutrients so they don’t help our overall health. In fact some of them are downright dangerous. There’s no substitute for a healthy approach to weight loss. We show you how physical factors such as nutrient deficiencies are contributing to weight gain and what we can do about it.

Stress – almost 75% of Australians consider themselves to be relatively stressed and work contributes causes most of that stress as well as money worries, relationship issues and family.

What most people don’t realise is that while you are stressed, your hormones are working against any weight loss. Until you deal with that stress, the weight will continue to pile on regardless of any calorie restriction or exercise program.

We show you how to coach clients to deal with their stress and balance their hormones so that weight loss is a breeze.

Why am I doing this?

Well, to be honest I felt the problem was getting bigger than me. There are so many people out there needing help.

Now in my practice we had a Food Coach for a short time and boy did she make a difference! Patients were losing weight and getting healthy all over the place. This means I know it works.

But now she’s gone (she had to move away with her partner) and we’re back to our old ways, too many patients, too much illness and pain, and too few of us to go around.

So I started thinking, what if I could train up a whole bunch of people who could help?

Nutrition Courses Health PractitionersIf I could teach a number of people to be Food Coaches then they could take the reins and reach so many more clients than I could as one person. It would be my personal contribution to increasing the health of the population

I can’t do this on my own. I need to share my knowledge and expertise in this area so that every person in Australia can have access to affordable advice and support about health and healthy food.

So I need to leverage what I’m doing in my clinic every day and spread the message through a group of highly trained Food Coaches who can carry the banner to all areas – urban and rural, young and old, men and women alike.

No-one does it like me I wasn’t happy with any other nutrition program. With all my years of experience training medical students, post-graduate doctors and all manner of health professionals, I looked around at all the other available training packages out there and they just didn’t have all the elements that I felt you needed to have.

I won’t compromise on the quality of my product. So that’s why I’ve put every ounce of my being into getting this course up and running.

What you’ll get in the Foundation Program in Nutrition and the Diploma in Nutrition and Food Coaching courses

  • A complete nutritional training program
  • Telephone and email support for all students
  • Coaching skills to motivate clients to success

 Your Next Steps

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