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This short course offers you the core principals in healthy eating and what makes your body healthy. With this course, you will understand the basic nuts and bolts of how humans work – the anatomy and physiology of the human body, learn the essentials of nutrition and the nitty gritty of what the wrong food is doing to our health.

This course is great for personal use and can be used as the first step on your way to becoming a Nutritionist and Food Coach. This is our introductory course, which is the core of our health beliefs and must be taken before enrolling in our further courses.

Units in the Foundation program

1 The Human Body -how it works
2 Learn about Macronutrients
3 Micronutrients and Healthy Eating Guidelines
(including) Food Additives, Superfoods, Alkalinity, Oxidative Stress
4 Body Composition and Body Image

Nutrition training

Course Description

The Foundation Program in Nutrition offers the core principals in healthy eating and what makes a healthy body. With this course you will understand basic anatomy and physiology, know about healthy foods and what foods you should exclude from your diet and why. This course is great for personal use and can be used as the first step on your way to becoming a Nutritionist and Food Coach.

We believe great eating should begin with fresh, organic and raw whole foods. In the Diploma, you will see that there are many ways to build a healthy diet and we show you how to help clients develop their own healthy eating plan whether its vegan, raw or paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free or vegetarian.

  • Discover all about healthy eating from raw, vegan, paleo and more
  • Add nutrition to your skill set for a new income stream
  • Give nutrition advice and write mealplans

What are the requirements for the Foundation Program in Nutrition?

No pre-requisite knowledge or materials required

What do I gain by taking this course?
Learn more for yourself. Many people come to healthy eating through an illness or health problem that makes them take a look at how food affects their health.

Add to your skill set. If you already have a health practitioner or personal training business you will find that this course gives you the skills and knowledge to give nutrition advice with confidence, knowing your advice is backed by a very experienced nutritional doctor.

Upon completion of the Foundation Program in Nutrition you can continue your nutrition training journey with the International Diploma in Food Coaching and Nutrition.

Online courses

All our courses can be completed online. You logon to our student portal, download all the learning materials and watch the webinars. Then complete the assessments. In the Diploma, you will need to submit a video of you consulting with a client, friend or family member. All you need is a computer (laptop or tablet is fine), an email address and a phone. We can also use Skype for assessments. If you can use email and have some basic computer skills, then you will have no problem completing our course.

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All graduates of the Diploma in Nutrition and Food Coaching automatically become members of our International Association with free membership for the first year after graduation. Click here to find out more

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We aIARC-Logo-star-06-smlre a member of the IARC and the IICT. These are internationally recognised bodies and assure that the quality of our courses is maintained. You can also gain insurance to practice through IICT. We pride ourselves on the quality of the teaching you will receive, and also the high standards we instill in our students. All graduates of our courses automatically receive a complimentary 1 year membership of the International Association of Health and Nutrition Coaches, our graduate association and international peak body for nutrition and health coaching.

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