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This is the training pathway which will qualify you to give the best nutrition advice available

With the Foundation Program and Diploma in Nutrition and Food Coaching

  • give nutrition advice and make MEAL PLANS
  • get professional indemnity for nutrition advice
  • help people with chronic disease, weight loss etc

Would you like to learn more about healthy eating?

personal-trainersThis is not just an ordinary nutrition course. We’ve thrown out the food pyramid and banned low fat foods. We want you to know the real truth about healthy eating, using the most up-to-date research and facts. And you can pass all this information on to your clients so that you shine above the rest of the competition.

What we stand for

We want to be honest and up-front right from the start. We believe that healthy eating should involve eating fresh whole foods, organic where possible, balance of raw and cooked, locally grown and ripe. We don’t push one particular diet, but whichever one your clients want to follow, you can help them do it in the most healthy way possible.

Would you like to write meal plans for your clients?

personal-trainers1This course gives you all the tools you need to be able to write successful meal plans for all your clients.

Use our Nutritional Assessment Tool– developed by Nutritional Doctor – Prof Dr Shirley Mcilvenny – which you get free with the course and can use Forever with your clients. And if you struggle to write meal plans – don’t worry – we have our own 7 day meal plan developed for each type of client and you can access it free as soon as you sign on. With our course you can get professional indemnity insurance to cover nutrition advice. We advise on insurance companies who cover our graduates – it’s all part of our service.

We cover all the main types of diet your clients want

health-nutrition1In this course, we offer teaching in all main diet modalities – paleo, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy free. This way you can help many different types of clients. You can even run programs specifically designed for each different interest group. Imagine you could run a program just for those gluten-free clients (and there are plenty of them around these days). Once you make it successful then you can do the same for dairy-free clients, vegan clients – the list goes on and on. This is the way successful businesses operate – they focus on one niche at a time – get that one successful and then move on to the next.

Expand your business

We also offer dietary management of high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure – the 3 diseases you are most likely to come into contact with. Imagine how many clients you could help with just giving advice to these groups alone? Diabetes is rapidly becoming one of the most common diseases in the world. And with mature onset diabetes (or Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes) it’s all down to eating the wrong foods. We give you simple meal plans that can be so effective in managing these conditions. So when you get clients coming to your gym or service, you can be the star that helps them tackle their diet once and for all and get back on the road to health. Once again you can run special programs just for these clients – and there are plenty of them so watch your business expand and grow.

What’s up with Weight loss?

weight-gainWhy do so many people struggle with weight loss? Exercise is only 30% of weight loss right? What about the other 70-80%? We can show you how to make that work. It’s not just lack of discipline – there are plenty of physical reasons why people can’t lose weight. For example did you know that low Vitamin D slows weight loss?

Get to grips with the science behind weight loss Let us show you the latest science so you can incorporate all the principles into your exercise and dietary programs and get even more success. Once you understand what’s going on inside the body you can work on those issues and get your clients feeling and looking good in no time.

This course is not for everyone

If you still want the old food pyramid and low fat meals then this isn’t the right course for you. If you are looking for ways to bulk up for body building competition then you won’t find much to interest you in this course. However, if you want the latest- up-to-date information on nutrition and health from a nutrition doctor, member of the Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (ACNEM), then you’ve come to the right place.

Latest research and thinking

personal-trainers2Dr Shirley is constantly looking at the latest research, searching for the truth and analysing with a critical eye. As a university academic for over 15 years, and with over 20 scientific publications, she know how to look at research and see if its pulling the wool over our eyes or if its telling us something new. She has packaged all of the latest nutritional research into the course so you can keep right up to date at the turn of the page.

Credit for your fitness training

You can have recognition of your previous experience in up to 3 units. You can get recognition of prior learning for body composition and group training. Just provide your certificates and we’ll get the process started.

Now there are a lot of nutrition training courses out there these days so how do you choose which one?

Well, first this is a totally unique course. It’s not about body building. It’s not just about weight loss. This is a total healthy eating package – from overweight clients, to those with chronic diseases, to those with special dietary needs.

Did you know that 9% of Australians eat at least 1 vegetarian meal per week? Did you also know that many vegetarians are overweight and suffer vitamin and mineral deficiencies? This is why they need specialised help to do it properly. And you’re just the person to help them get it right.

Chronic diseases like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes Who hasn’t got clients like this? These chronic diseases are the biggest threat to our health today. Get to grips with each disease with our healthy meal planner, and specific unit devoted to helping these clients by diet alone. The clients want it, you want it, we all want to reduce the amount of medication we need to take. Now you have the tools to help clients do just that

  • You will have a unique set of skills, that will set you head and shoulders above your competition.
  • You’re already helping people get fit and healthy
  • You’ve already got good people skills
  • You know how hard it is to motivate people and get them to keep going

Why not complete the set with the latest, up-to-date healthy eating strategies, food information and meal planner?

Just how good are your coaching skills?

health-nutrition2I bet you have a few clients that you’re just getting nowhere with. How good would it feel to be able to find out exactly why they’re not succeeding? Imagine your chest swelling with pride as you see your most resistant client walk out of your gym having ticked off their success goals with ease. You can do it with this course. We delve into the psychology of why people are emotional over-eaters, why the chemicals in our diet are forcing us to put on weight, why stress works against us achieving our goals. You’ll learn all about psychology as well as some hot NLP techniques that will have your clients turn around in no time. Those elusive ‘light bulb’ moments, where they suddenly realize what’s been holding them back will be coming thick and fast. And your clients will be thanking YOU all the way.

Access our referral service.

Clients will be able to search for you, using our postcode search tool. Self help groups like coeliac support groups are very interested in sending sufferers to our food coaches. And they still need fitness training too. This will be a really great second arm to your business. If you’re interested in food and healthy eating, then you’ll be amazed about how much you’ll learn on this course and you can use it all on your new and regular clients.

The Diploma in Nutrition and Food Coaching is a complete system from A-Z

from the referrals, the skills and knowledge to the tools you and your clients can use over and over again.

I can’t wait to tell you more, when you sign on for our “International program” to be part of a new movement, a health revolution that will boost your business right into orbit!



Our Training Pathway

You can start with our…

Foundation Program in Nutrition

4 units to get you all the nutrition information you need to get started covering

  • Healthy body physiology and what happens with stress
  • Macro-nutrients – all about protein and its requirements, the real low-down about carbs and the absolute truth about healthy oils and saturated fat
  • Micro-nutrients – the vitamins you need and which minerals are hard to come by, and the food solutions which will give you all you need
  • Body image issues, body types and body composition

Upgrade to the Diploma in Food Coaching and Nutrition

Enroll in our Diploma course and you may get credit for your previous studies. Our pathway is so easy to follow and each program builds on the previous one to give you the complete nutritional training program.

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