Student Information Letter

Dear Student

Thank you for your interest in the 30961 QLD Certificate IV in Food Coaching. This qualification is specifically aimed at developing essential skills in nutrition and coaching clients. The 30961 QLD program is a very practical program which provides the ideal balance between theory, education and practical application of knowledge and skills in a supported learning environment.

What you will learn

There are twelve (12) units of competency (12 core) that need to be completed to gain the 30691 QLD qualification. The Cert IV program provides a strong focus on eating for health through fresh whole, organic, real foods

Qualification Content

Unit Code Title
1 HLTAP301A Recognise healthy body systems in a health care context
2 QLD254DIE01A Assess dietary intake
3 HLTHIR301A Communicate and work effectively in health
4 HLTWHS300A Contribute to OHS processes
5 QLD254BCE01A Assess body composition and develop a basic  exercise plan
6 SRFFIT015A Provide nutrition advice to clients in accordance with recommended guidelines
7 QLD254MOT01A Counsel obese and overweight clients using motivational interviewing  techniques
8 QLD254WEI01A Provide information on nutrition and products related to weight management
9 QLD254COA01A Coach clients to achieve lifestyle goals
10 QLD254NUT01A Provide nutrition advice to clients with specific requirements
11 QLD254NUT02A Provide nutrition advice to clients with chronic disease requirements
12 TAEDEL401A Plan, organize and deliver group based learning

Blended Learning

The qualification will be delivered through a blended learning approach that includes:

  • The course will be delivered either as face to face workshops supported by self-paced and tutor supported home study. Face-to-face delivery will cater for students who prefer face-to-face contact with trainers and also allow direct observation assessment in an actual or simulated work environment. Students can access student support through methods such as e-mail, Skype, webinars etc as well as telephone support.

Online Learning

The course will be delivered online by 3 modules over 3 months or 6 months. Students can submit simulated work or practical tasks by video or have live assessment using Skype.  Students can access student support through methods such as e-mail, Skype, webinars etc as well as telephone support.

  • RPL process for partial completion with face to face workshop participation or one-on-one assessment depending on gap training and individual requirements.
  • Individualised training programs may be negotiated to meet the needs of the participant for the purposes of RPL gap training.

LLN Skills

The assessment of LLN issues or special needs will be conducted prior to enrolment so that relevant assistance can be built into the delivery and assessment arrangements.

It is expected that students

  • have reading and writing skills that will enable them to complete written audit reports and understand workplace documents
  • are able to communicate effectively in formal situations and meetings
  • are able to undertake research
  • are able to use computing software programs to create documents
  • are able to make videos using iPhone, webcam or similar or use Skype.

NOTE: students may be requested to complete exercises that will give the trainer an indication of the language, literacy and numeracy levels they currently have. This needs identification aims to identify where support services and assistance may be best applied. All students are able to request additional support.


A variety of assessment methods will be used to determine your competence in relation to each unit of competency in this qualification.  These methods include the following:

Written/oral questions  Observations of performance/Demonstration Written Reporting
Case Studies Project/Portfolio Third Party reporting

Computer Requirements

For all Food Coach Institute programs, it is highly recommended that students have access to and can confidently use a PC or laptop with the following requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows (98, Me, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista or windows 8 )
  • Microsoft Word 97 or later
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader*
  • Access to Internet and Email
  • CD-Rom Drive

* Can be downloaded free of charge from

Recognised Prior Learning (RPL)

If you think that you may be eligible for RPL please contact The Food Coach Institute administrator to discuss your eligibility.  Her contact number is 1300 958 480. She will also discuss the RPL process, evidence you may need to submit and the timeframe for completion.  She will also discuss what happens if you are required to complete gap training to complete your qualification and how this might be achieved. There is no reduction in fees for RPL units. Credit transfer is available for completed units of competency included in this qualification.


Your trainer/assessor will ensure that you have the best possible support needed to complete your studies in a timely manner. There will be a commitment of time required on your part to complete the learning and assessment requirements and your trainer will help you plan your study time effectively.

Course Cost: Total
Blended program – Online + Workshop ($49) $4500- 4997
Online Cert IV Food Coaching (3 months) $4500
Online Cert IV Food Coaching  (6 months) $4500
Qualification Full cost Per unit Payment terms Cost includes
30961 QLD $4500 – $4997 $375 Three equal payments $1500 over 3 months upfront $1497  plus 5 payments of $700 Learning and assessment materials
RPL Candidates are required to register and make the first payment before the application can be considered.

Study pathways

After achieving the 30961 QLD Certificate IV in Food Coaching, candidates may undertake the Diploma of Food Coaching.

This is an exciting challenge and we hope that you will be in constant touch to enable us to help you achieve your learning objectives.

We look forward to working with you.

Dr Shirley Mcilvenny


The Food Coach Institute