We are now offering the Foundation Program and the International Program in Food Coaching.  The Foundation Program is a pre-requisite to the International Program in Food Coaching.   For further information contact:  The Food Coach Institute on 1300 958 480 or email  info@foodcoachinstitute.com
Instructed by: Dr Shirley McIlvenny

Course Description
When you know you want to work in the field of nutrition. The Foundation Program and International Program in Food Coaching broadens your understanding of diet and nutritional wholefoods, allows you to assist clients with chronic disease requirements in addition to gaining an understanding of WHS processes.

The Food Coach Institute is a member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists


Course Details

Units Title Description
Recognise healthy body systems in a health care context This is a basic physiology and anatomy revision to prepare everyone for the course ahead
Assess dietary intake This unit uses the unique Food Coach Dietary Assessment Tool to really get to grips with what clients are eating now and what they should eat
Communicate and work effectively in health This unit covers ethics, professional standards and communication skills that all health care workers must have to be successful
Contribute to WHS processes Understand and learn how to plan an WHS assessment in a health care practice
Assess body composition and develop a basic exercise plan Learn how to measure body composition and the latest technology. Develop individualized exercise plans for your clients.
Provide nutrition advice to clients in accordance with recommended guidelines Learn in depth what nutrients we need and where to source them. Find out what processed food really does to us and how it’s disguised.
Counsel obese and overweight clients using motivational interviewing techniques Discover what drives emotional over-eating and learn techniques to combat it
Provide information on nutrition and products related to weight management A unique weight loss approach that’s guaranteed long lasting success, it’s not a diet, not a meal replacement but great rock- solid techniques
Provide nutrition advice to clients with specific requirements Learn how to do vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy free the correct way
Provide nutrition advice to clients with chronic disease requirements Beat cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic diseases
Coach clients to achieve lifestyle goals Use a variety of techniques, psychology, hypnotherapy, NLP to coach clients to success
Plan, organize and deliver group based learning Develop your group learning skills


  • A good understanding of the English language as this course is delivered in English

The Foundation Program and the International Program in Food Coaching, allows you to work as a Nutritional Advisor, Nutritionist or work for a health related business. This is an excellent course for becoming a health and wellness coach or to work in health shops, spas, pharmacies, health retreats. This qualification will also work well as a complementary service for personal trainers, massage therapists, beauty therapists, and natural therapists.

Who is the target audience?

  • People who wish to work in a health related industry or run their own business
  • People who wish to add to and enhance their existing qualifications

The Foundation Program and International Program in Food Coaching course consists of 16 units. You can do the whole course online over 24 months, so don’t worry if you get busy and need to take time off. We make it as flexible as possible, because we know life happens…


RPL means recognition of prior learning. This means if you already have qualifications or experience, we can award you the equivalent of certain units by RPL. There is an application process for RPL to be awarded once you have signed on for the course. During this process you will need to submit any relevant certificates or work experience documentation as well as possibly have an interview.

What’s more, you’ll really enjoy this way of studying – it’s lively and interactive. You’ll be rustling up great new healthy meals and be able to show off you new skills to your friends. You’ll understand why we need to eat right and what happens when we don’t!

The International Courses, starting 1 November 2016 – Please contact The Food Coach Institute on 1300 958 480 for further information

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